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About Clínica Apollo

Following the standard concept of the highest quality customer-focused care, Clinica Apollo always strives to offer the best in dentistry.

The modernization in diagnosis and dental treatment, follow the philosophy of the most respected dental care centers in Brazil.

We are located in Edf CEO Tower: London, central Salvador, close to Salvador and Sumaré Malls, and ample practical and accessible parking.

We offer industry-specific dentistry in everything from dental surgery to tooth decay without losing focus on the well-being and overall health of our clients.

After adequacy of the oral cavity and diagnosis of the main health problems, we met with the team of experts to discuss the best solutions and elaborate a treatment plan with care to offer a perfect harmony in the smile of those who entrust us with this responsibility.

Our professionals, popularly called Dentists, are prepared to offer a proper reception, demystifying traditional and outdated dental treatments. We believe painless dentistry associated with quality care excellence is possible, and we use this formula to establish the Apollo standard of care.