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Dental Aesthetics

Most people know that a beautiful smile plays a key role in accepting others, in the success of work in feeling well-being, in emotional stability, and in radiating health and self-confidence.

Many people with missing teeth, misaligned, discolored and / or stained teeth, cover their mouths while smiling or smile with their lips closed to hide the bad appearance of the smile.

We can transform the smiles, making them more harmonious with the face of patients and assisting in rejuvenation, including to complement plastic or dermatological procedures.

Correcting oral problems can produce considerable changes in appearance that result in greater patient confidence in social settings.

At APOLLO clinic we are concerned with implementing an aesthetic treatment after the patient’s oral health conditions are met. What is important in building a beautiful and functional smile is attention to objective and subjective details.

An excellent dental team is one that pays special attention to every little detail of our clients.