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Laser Therapy

Low power or therapeutic laser is also widely used in modern dentistry, this type of laser can replace or decrease the use of medications, as it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and acts on tissue repair, accelerating healing.

Pain relief, including dentin hypersensitivity, pulp pain, neuralgic pain, soft tissue pain, myalgia, pre and postoperative pain. We can also use the laser as an effective means of treating orofacial pain.

The number of sessions we employ in most pathologies is from 1 to 15. The frequency of applications varies from one to two times a week; In a few cases we increase this frequency to three times a week.


– Mouth ulcers
– Alveolitis
– Bone Biostimulation
– Atm dysfunction
– Gingivitis
– Herpes
– Traumatic Injury
– Mucositis Due to Chemotherapy
– Trigeminal neuralgia
– Paresthesia